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For Defence Attendees

Defence Members’ Security

As this event is being held in a public place, you are reminded of the heightened security alert status that currently exists. In light of the current SAFEBASE alert level, personnel are required to exercise a degree of vigilance, and support the event's security staff to ensure that conference attendees wear valid passes and carry appropriate identification whilst in the convention centre. You should report any unusual approaches from members of the public, including protesters. You are to adhere to the need-to-know principle and not discuss sensitive topics in open areas. You should also be mindful of physical, personal and information security requirements during the conference.

Dress for ADF Members

For ADF members, paragraph 6k of Russell/APW BRI 02/2014 requires that you consider where you are going, be aware of your surroundings, and exercise common-sense and judgment when considering where and when to wear uniform in public. Uniform requirements for the conference are as follows:

a.                      Navy - Summer Non-ceremonial Day Dress - S7

b.                      Army - General Duty Dress (polyesters) - 2E

c.                       Air Force - Service Dress - 1C

d.                      Note - No DPCUs, DPNUs or Air Force GPUs are to be worn.

Gifts or prizes received at MilCIS

Defence members, Defence employees and external service providers acting in an official capacity on behalf of Defence are reminded of the requirement to comply with Defence policy specified in DI(G) PERS 25-7 ‘Gift, Hospitality and Sponsorship’ when offered gifts or prizes by representatives of private sector companies at the MilCIS Conference.